Frequently asked questions

How do I know my information is secure?

Our online account management tool is facilitated by InvestmentLink—using the same online security systems as your bank. With many of Australia’s largest financial institutions—including major banks, trusting them with their data, you can feel secure. 

InvestmentLink’s 20 years in data management is a solid, safe foundation for your security. Currently they are managing data for more than 4.4 million super fund members across Australia and New Zealand. 

The $40 billion in funds we account for, is supplied to more than 12 000 financial advisers. 

For more information please go to our Security page.

How do you gain access to my accounts?

Just like your bank, we use a fully encrypted service provided by InvestmentLink, and never see your login details. 

We can't see your accounts either, and at all times you have control. The Service doesn't have the facility to move money around, no-one can actually touch it. Simply follow the prompts when you add an account through the Dashboard and the system does the rest. 

How much personal information will you need?

Just your name and email address.

How can I save money with Wealth Desk?

Financially successful people don't maintain their wealth by accident.  There is one thing they all have in common, and that is access to information. They can all access their financial situation at a glance.

This Service gives you that same access, and then allows you to search it for fees across all your accounts.  You may be surprised as to how much these fees add up to.

Is it easy to add and organise my accounts in Wealth Desk?

It’s really easy.  Adding an account is just a matter of using your login details to request access. No-one will see these in the process.

And organising accounts is just a matter of dragging them into Groups you can create yourself. The whole thing only takes a few moments.

How long will it take for my accounts to appear?

This varies according to the bank, but usually no more than 30 minutes.

Once your account is ready to go, we'll send you a confirmation email, and you'll see a "Transferring data" message on your Dashboard just before the account appears.

Can I separate my business and personal accounts?

You certainly can. This is one of the Service’s most handy features. Simply create Groups to organise your accounts in any way you choose, so you can clearly see what’s what. Great for tax time.

How does sharing work?

When you create a Group, and drop some accounts into it, you can share this Group with anyone you like. Sharing your business account with us is the best way we can help you maximse the service we offer. You can also share a specific Group with your spouse, or your business partner. 

All you need is their email. You can change your mind any time to instantly stop sharing. And remember, we can only read the transactions, not access your funds.

Your Groups may be shared with us by default. If all your Groups have a number 1 over the Sharing icon when you first create them, you are sharing with us. You can turn off Sharing for any Group under the Sharing icon.

If you aren't sharing by default, you can invite us to share an individual Group under the Sharing icon as well.

How do I get support?

There are a couple of ways to get in touch if you need a hand. 

Head to the side menu inside the app to find the FAQs & Getting Started Guide for those first up questions. 

For a more personal answer, get in touch with the Support Team. You’ll find them in the bottom corner, and they’ll do their best to get back to you within 24 hours.