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As a Business Partner, you can connect with your clients and their various accounts via your own branded app.

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Access your client's accounts

Some features just for our business partners:

  • Your own branded CashDeck website
  • The opportunity to directly promote your services
  • Your clients visiting your site every day
  • Much easier preparation of your clients' tax returns
  • A secure management portal for you to view your clients' accounts
  • Included in your membership

    • Membership for you and your clients
    • Your branded dashboard
    • Customised reporting
    • Built-in client communication
  • Included for your clients

    • Fast, secure sign up
    • Views of all their accounts
    • Easy account organising
    • Sharing with you and their family

A bit about Wealth Desk

Wealth Desk is an easy wealth management tool which will allow you to view all your financial accounts (bank, credit cards, mortgages, super and more) from one portable place—mobile, tablet or desktop.

Register and get started straight away.

  • Organise your accounts any way you like

    You can see total current and available balances, interest earned and charged, fees, and all your transactions. Then you can easily organise your spending into any category you like—from mortgages to movies.

  • Tax time is a breeze

    Once you're organised, you can share certain accounts (or your everything) with others like your spouse. No more chasing statements at tax time.

    You always have complete control of account visibility to other users, and can change them at any time.

  • Easy interactive guide in your app

    To help you through as you go. Plus a Helpdesk & simple FAQs right inside the app.

  • Sign up is secure and fast

    It only takes a few moments and 3 simple steps to set up and uses the same online security systems as your bank. We can't touch it.